Dereck Seltzer, also known as TMRWLND, is a contemporary American Painter, Author, and Graphic Designer, hailing from Los Angeles, CA and currently based in Detroit, MI. 

Over the past two decades, TMRWLND has showcased his remarkable talent through a prolific body of work. His illustrations and paintings have been featured in numerous prestigious art exhibitions across the United States, including renowned venues such as Thinkspace Projects in Los Angeles, California, Spoke Art in San Francisco, California, the Lancaster Museum of Art in Lancaster, California, and Track 16 Gallery in Los Angeles, California. His artwork has also graced galleries such as Mortal Machine Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana, Vertical Gallery in Chicago, Illinois, and PowWowWow! Festival in Hawaii, among others.

As a distinguished Graphic Artist, TMRWLND has made a significant impact in various creative domains. He has lent his exceptional skills to create logos, album covers, posters, murals, installations, products, and packaging. His original artwork has been sought after and licensed for numerous high-profile projects, with notable clients including The Arbor Collective, Warner Brothers, Atlantic Records, VICE, Universal Studios, Pitfire Pizza Company, Hasbro Inc, Roc Nation, Skull Candy, Rusty Surfboards, Macy's, Levi's, and Paramount Pictures, among others.

In 2016, TMRWLND co-authored and published the internationally recognized hardcover compendium "The Secret Stays Unknown" in collaboration with the artist Tina St. Claire. This 94-page book, released by Not A Cult Media, showcases their exceptional collaborative work to a global audience.

TMRWLND's unique blend of talent, creativity, and cultural influences have solidified his position as a revered artist in the contemporary art scene.