// Available October 31st at 12 P.M. PST. This psychedelic, acid drenched, heavy metal inspired brain eater of a t-shirt is the creative spawn of the TMRWLND & Wrinkles The Clown Halloween collaboration.

Features art drawn by TMRWLND. T-shirts are being screen printed by Wrinkles The Clown himself. Limited edition of 40 t-shirts made specially for Halloween 2021.

“ I was first introduced to Wrinkles The Clown purely by happenstance, while navigating the decaying floors of a long abandoned hotel in Detroit, MI. 

I had just finished carefully descending a pitch black stairwell leading to the sub basement, when he suddenly appeared, blocking my path.

There in the dark stood a curmudgeonly homeless man dressed as a clown. He called himself Wrinkles. He went on to tell  me he was well known for hiring himself out to parents, scaring kids for "a few hundred dollars," offering to come to their homes and frighten misbehaving children.

Ive seen things that prove Wrinkles is the real life Bogeyman, living, breathing proof of childhood urban legends.“

The Wrinkles The Clown feature length documentary is available now to stream on Hulu if you are interested to learn more.